Coffee and Tea Accessories

Tea Accessories

Tea Accessories

If you are regular tea drinker and serious about it, you will need not just a tea glass and tea bags but more than it. To get maximum enjoyment in your tea drinking experience, there are some Coffee and Tea Accessories that you must have.

Following are the list tea accessories that you need to have:

One of most tea accessory is a trivet. A trivet is just a stand to set your hot teapot (like tea glass.)

As extreme temperature of tea may damage your table and other surface, trivet protects it. Trivet is a kind of an oven mitt of your tea accessories set. It is frustrating and expensive to repair the burnt surface due to extreme temperature. You can get rid off this frustration simply using a trivet.

Another most important tea accessory is storage canister. If you drink loose gourmet tea, you nee to have a storage canister. Loose teas for proper storage needs a canister unlike other teas

which comes in tea bags or in tea boxes. With help of canister you can protect your loose teas from drying out or getting wet soon and also prevent from being spilled.

Tea Accessories

Tea Accessories

Another most important tea accessory is a tea filter. You need to have a filter if you want to drink loose tea. To make tea just place required amount of loose tea in a filter then place that filter with loose tea in a hot water.

You can get loose tea leaves to fully loose flavor into hot water but it keeps leaves out of water. So it prevents the leaves from being drunk. There are also disposable filters which you can use or you can use the tea mug having a internal filter with it.

These are the basic Coffee and Tea Accessories. If you want Complete revolution in your Tea drinking experience keep reading other posts also.

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