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Are all health benefits of caffeinated tea retained in decaf tea?

It mostly depends on the decaffeinating process of tea, decaf tea can be better than caffeinated tea if the process is organic one. Organic decaf tea can retain as much as 90% of antioxidants and other health benefits of caffeinated tea. Higher quality decaf black tea will be your better choice. But you always need to ask from those companies which use organic process.

More the process is organic more antioxidants and health benefits are retained.

Many types of teas are neutrally decaf tea (like Herbal green tea, white tea etc) in which all health benefits are inherent and no processing is required.

Besides eBay where can I find Old POM Tea Glass?

Now you can get 16 oz large plastic POM tea glass which is more convenient rather than old 13.5 oz POM tea glass

What is the reason behind making this change?

To make you able to take more enjoyment, this change have been made according to users feed back. New POM tea glass is very easy to carry, open and makes you to get full enjoyment and refreshment of antioxidants while you are moving around. Now glasses are 100% recyclable and only take 50% energy to produce them than old one. So its perfect for making you feel good about your body and planet both.

What if I still love to drink tea from old POM Tea glass?

You can make them collectors item. You can enjoy your hot cup of tea just by unscrewing the cap of New POM tea bottle and pouring contents into treasured POM tea glass. Now at the same price you can get little extra POM tea, so please take care of it. You can try your self if you don’t believe me.

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