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Tea Party Accessories – Top 10 Tea Accessories and teapot for Tea Party

For many big events like shower Tea party is perfect, which enables intimate sharing between many friends. If you enjoy hosting tea party, here are the list of top ten tea accessories that you need to have to make it perfect.

1) Bodum Assam Press Teapot

It is necessary, stylish Bodum Assam press Teapot and Tea glass will make your tea party perfect. It is similar with Bodum French Coffee Press and works on same basis. If you get Bodum Assam Press Teapot you don’t need to have Tea strainer. You just need to put fresh water on it, and push the plunger down which stops the tea brewing when tea has reached to strength you desire.

2) Tea Party Green Teapot
You need to have a ceramic teapot, which will give you fun splash of colour on Tea Table.

3) Concert Teapot
This is very artful Teapot, which many tea expert loves and this is my favorite one. It consists of candle placed beneath which keeps tea warm and also illuminates the tea and it is made up of tempered glass.

4) Pansy Chintz Tea Service Four
You can give classic looking your tea table if you have lovely pink floral tea sea.

5) Polish Pottery Stoneware Teapot

Polish stoneware is very beautiful and durable because they are individually painted and handmade and also microwave oven, freezer and dishwasher safe. You won’t regret this purchase whether you choose original pattern or classic peacock design.

6) Celadon Tea Set
For serving traditional Chinese or Japanese tea the celadon colour Asian Inspired tea set will be very much lovely. Complete tea set will have four matching tea cups without any handles.

7) Barton Silver and red plated tired serve ware:
Tired sterling silver plated serve ware looks very beautiful, and also saves your table space.

8) Country Tea Parties
This book is my best one, it is beautifully illustrated, and it will make your mood for Classic British style tea party. For each theme this book offers tea lore, monthly menus and some entertaining tips.

9) Taking time for tea party
This book is perfect for Asian style tea party. It emphasize on relaxing aspects of drinking and serving teas. This book also supports meditations philosophy and also includes various recommendations of Asian teas especially traditional Chinese and Japanese Teas.

10) Tea with friends
If you need practical advices for setting your tea table, various types of teas and theme of your tea party selection of this book is perfect. Read more about most important Tea Accessories that you must have.

Are all health benefits of caffeinated tea retained in decaf tea?

It mostly depends on the decaffeinating process of tea, decaf tea can be better than caffeinated tea if the process is organic one. Organic decaf tea can retain as much as 90% of antioxidants and other health benefits of caffeinated tea. Higher quality decaf black tea will be your better choice. But you always need to ask from those companies which use organic process.

More the process is organic more antioxidants and health benefits are retained.

Many types of teas are neutrally decaf tea (like Herbal green tea, white tea etc) in which all health benefits are inherent and no processing is required.

How to Get the Most out of Your Herbal Green Tea?

Selecting the best herbal green tea starts with selecting the freshest ingredients you can find available in your area.

Some herbal tea herbs are sensitive to light, air, heat, and other elements. Exposure to these elements can affect the quality of the tea.

Once you select the best ingredients for your tea or the freshest tea bags you can find then you want to store them properly.

How you store your herbal green tea will greatly depend on what the herbs that make up the tea are sensitive too. You need to ask the maker of the tea or read the instructions on the package in order to store the tea properly.

Generally you will want an air tight container that will not let light into container. You can find these containers at your local home store.
Once you find the proper container you will need to a proper way to brew the tea. Not all tea accessories are created equal and choosing a quality kettle or pot is as important to getting the most out of your herbal as choosing the freshest ingredients.

You can choose to brew your tea in a traditional tea kettle or you can use a new electric model. Either way you want to make sure that you take your time to buy a quality product.

It seems like a lot of work over something as simple as herbal tea but the work is worth it when you settle and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of your favorite tea.

Taking your time to choose the right tea, the right storage container, the right brewing accessory and the right time to sit down and enjoy your tea makes all the difference in the end.

What are you waiting for? Go on and enjoy your favorite herbal green tea right now.

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