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How to get Romantic With Tea and Tea Accessories ?

Many peoples set their romantic mood with a glass of bubbly flute of champagne or with a glass of pinot noir. Don’t under estimate ever that “Tea for Two” is also effective to brew romance.

Tea can be taken in porcelain Tea mug, or in a shallow saucer or simply in a Tea Glass. Many like swish and slurp, others may like to gulp it down. Many of other may want to sip their organic tea from China cups placed at the top of dainty saucers.

There are varieties of likes and dislikes of tea drinkers, but in tea making process the Tea Accessories Plays vital role. The process of making great cup of tea starts with the basics. The fine brew of tea begins in a tea kettle. Many people also boil the water in same metal kettle. Many other boil tea water in inherited kettles. They are using same kettle for long time and are satisfied with the result. If you are not satisfied, you can look for new kettle to brew perfect tea. Always make sure that lids fit tightly while shopping a Tea kettle. The hot water may blow in your face if the lids are not tight. Always make sure that handle won’t get hot and the handle also needs to be fastened tightly to the body of tea kettle. The other important attribute of tea kettle is the size. If you need to brew only to cup of tea at a time, never try to buy a big one.

Another very important tea accessories is teapot, you have to take great care while choosing right teapot. For making black teas two or four cup teapot is perfect one. The Wu-long or green tea needs to be brewed in Chinese or Japanese Teapots. For glass teapot or tea glass herbal infusions are best suited. You have to take great care about tight fitting lid, police and smooth surface, balanced proportion and spout which shouldn’t leak while buying a new teapot. The leaking teapot spoils your mood.

The other most important tea accessories for true tea lover are tea infuser. The wire mesh style tea infuser is the most common one. But there are variety of tea infusers like traditional bamboo infuser, ball infuser, infuser presses etc. The good tea infuser must extend deeply into teapot or fit the entire tea mug.

If you are true or finicky tea lover you may also want thermometer, measuring teaspoon, tightly sealed storage container, saucer, a delicate tea cozy, elegant tea cups, digital timer etc. The last tea accessory is tea tray which holds all tea accessories all together.

When you are in romantic mood of brewing tea, poor some “tea for two” and dazzle your love with great tea accessories you have.

How to Get the Most out of Your Herbal Green Tea?

Selecting the best herbal green tea starts with selecting the freshest ingredients you can find available in your area.

Some herbal tea herbs are sensitive to light, air, heat, and other elements. Exposure to these elements can affect the quality of the tea.

Once you select the best ingredients for your tea or the freshest tea bags you can find then you want to store them properly.

How you store your herbal green tea will greatly depend on what the herbs that make up the tea are sensitive too. You need to ask the maker of the tea or read the instructions on the package in order to store the tea properly.

Generally you will want an air tight container that will not let light into container. You can find these containers at your local home store.
Once you find the proper container you will need to a proper way to brew the tea. Not all tea accessories are created equal and choosing a quality kettle or pot is as important to getting the most out of your herbal as choosing the freshest ingredients.

You can choose to brew your tea in a traditional tea kettle or you can use a new electric model. Either way you want to make sure that you take your time to buy a quality product.

It seems like a lot of work over something as simple as herbal tea but the work is worth it when you settle and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of your favorite tea.

Taking your time to choose the right tea, the right storage container, the right brewing accessory and the right time to sit down and enjoy your tea makes all the difference in the end.

What are you waiting for? Go on and enjoy your favorite herbal green tea right now.

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